Warren Ohio SCOPE Center, Direction Home of Eastern Ohio offering classes to seniors on how to reduce risks of falling

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Sen. Mitch McConnell’s concussion from falling is a story that seniors can relate to. Each year, millions of older people fall, and less than half of those people will tell their doctor. After falling once, your chances of falling again double.

A class at the SCOPE Center in Warren is helping seniors stay on their feet. The twists and turns steady their bodies.

Ray Rubrake has moves and feels some of them more than he thought.

“It is fun,” Rubrake says. “I’ve learned that for some of these things, I don’t like it.”

Tai Ji Quan is helping the seniors use every part of their body, which helps them improve balance and coordination and raises their confidence.

Shirley Svette teaches the class.

“Some have had falls. Some fear that. Some are just looking for a way to do better as they age,” Svette says.

The Direction Home of Eastern Ohio teaches these classes around the four counties it serves. It wants the participants to transfer these skills and moves to help them in their homes.

“A fall for them can be potentially detrimental to their health — moving forward, very detrimental,” says Cassandra Valentini, community outreach director at the organization.

This year, it’s estimated that 800,000 people will be hospitalized with falling injuries across America. Falling once doubles the chances of falling again.

“Many of us are not as agile as we used to be. We’re older,” Rubrake says. “We’re learning how to stay upright, instead of laying on the floor.”

The class runs twice a week, for 24 weeks. Friday marked graduation day, completing this class for the dozen participants, and Rubrake celebrated.

“I didn’t hit the floor once. So, successful,” Rubrake says.

There’s also a shorter class called “Matter of Balance,” which runs 8 weeks. Those in interested in the classes, or for more information, reach out to Direction Home of Eastern Ohio at 330-505-2300.

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